Where to Go for Phage Therapy

Founded in 2005, Phage Therapy Center - located in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia - is the world's first, most successful clinic of its kind, providing phage therapy services to international patients. The clinic, which is staffed by medical microbiologists, general practitioners, specialists and surgeons deal with a broad range of bacterial infections - from simple intestinal infections to complex surgeries. The clinic does not charge for registration and an initial consultation via Skype.

Georgia has been the world center for phage therapy for decades. Phage therapy is safe and approved for medical use. Clinics and hospitals in Georgia use phage therapy to address the most difficult, drug resistant and chronic infections.

Georgia: Jewel of the Caucasus

Georgia, located between Russia and Turkey, is an ancient civilization. It is, in fact, the location of the oldest known human remains recently discovered by archaeologists. The region is referenced in Homer's "Odyssey" and in Greek mythology, the "Golden Fleece".

Historic Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has one of Europe's finest ballets, a world class symphony, art museums, parks, recreation and unique cultural activities. Georgia is considered to be the cradle of viticulture with an 8,000 year history of wine-making. Wines produced from over 400 varietals can be found in shops throughout the city. Georgian food is excellent. Tbilisi is a popular destination for European tourists.