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About Integrative Medicine Center of Georgia
About Integrative Medicine Center of Georgia
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Our Management

Prof. Temur Barkalaia, MD, General Director

Dr. Temur Barkalaya has more than seventeen years experience working as a doctor surgeon. Also he is lecturing at Health Care Management, Insurance Management and Strategic Management at Ilia State University. During his career he was working at leading positions at insurance and health care institutions.

Temur graduated from Moscow State Medical University and trained at Russian, Turkish, and at leading hospitals in several other countries. He has received Hospital Management and Business administration degrees and certificates from USAID, AIHA, CU, GU, Scranton University.

Dr. Barkalaia holds a PhD in Business Administration, Health Policy and Management. He is a lecturer at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr. Vakhtang Beridze, PhD, CEO

Vakhtang Beridze is currently a board member of Phage International and a consultant on various Georgian government programs. Recently Vakhtang worked at the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund, established by Government of Georgia with Millennium Challenge Corporation, cooperating with different donor organizations such as: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank, BP, European Commission, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and others.

Dr. Beridze was a consultant of the World Bank financed "Georgia Health and Social Projects Implementation Center" (projects include: i) Health One Project (14 Mln.); ii) Primary Health Care Development Project (24 Mln.); iii) Structural reforms Support Project (20 Mln); iv), Social and Global Fund financed - Prevention of AIDS and Malaria Project (12 Mln.)).

Vakhtang has spent over 15 years in biodegradable polymer research and development. He is the founder and director of the Research Center for Medical Polymers and Biomaterials. The Center has developed original biodegradable polymers and preparations based on them. Dr. Vakhtang Beridze was engaged in the following companies’ startups: Phage Therapy Center Georgia (patient treatment such as infections, wound infections etc.), Phage International Inc. (marketing and distribution of drugs), PolymerPharm (preparation development, production, marketing).

Dr. Beridze is a PhD of Chemistry (Institute of Element-organic Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation) and also has a degree in the field of Economy and Business Administration.

Prof. George Barkalaya, PhD, VP

George Barkalaya has more than twelve years of experience working in marketing, consulting and education industries providing consultancy and executive management service for local and international companies. He has a solid experience in marketing, PR and advertising, sales and their promotion, and general senior level management at Georgian private sector companies.

George's experience includes serving as Marketing Director and Chief Marketing and PR Officer at the companies such as Wissol Petroleum Georgia, Arti Group, Bank of Georgia Group (including Bank of Georgia, BG Bank (Ukraine), Belarusky Narodny Bank (Belarus), and Aldagi BCI Insurance company), Georgian Lottery Company LLC, and VTB Bank-Georgia. His consulting activities and projects includes Brand and Brand Strategy Development for Socar Energy Georgia, Marketing strategy planning and Marketing and PR management for above mentioned companies, creating best TV advertisements in Georgia and best TV placements, rebranding executed with cooperation Allen International, London Based Design company for Bank of Georgia, sales planning and analysis for different companies in wide range of industries, creating media planning and PR campaign development and implementation, developing sales strategy and new channels for sales.

George has more than ten years’ experience of teaching and training. His teaching/training experience includes:

  • Teaching Marketing Management; Marketing Communication and Promotion courses on undergraduate and post graduate level, Caucasus School of Business (Caucasus University), 2000 – present
  • Teaching Marketing Management on post graduate level, Georgian Institute of Public Administration (GIPA), 2011 – present
  • Teaching Sales Marketing on undergraduate level, Black Sea International University, 2011 – present
  • Media Trainings, Caucasus School of Business (Caucasus University), 2010 – present

Christopher Smith, BSc, VP

Christopher is one of the founders of and current CEO of Phage International, Inc.

Christopher has spent most of his career in the high tech industry in various roles, generally as a program manager or technical lead. Mr. Smith has developed the personal / trust relationships from which many of these opportunities have resulted and evolved, he has many associations with scientists in Republic of Georgia. Smith began his career at Wells Fargo Bank, where he was a technology resource planner. He has been involved at many high tech companies that include Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Verisign, Network Solutions, Commerce One, Bell Laboratories and he has worked as a consultant for IBM in the Silicon Valley.

Christopher earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Carolina in 1977.