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About Integrative Medicine Center of Georgia
About Integrative Medicine Center of Georgia
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About NovoMed Integrative Medicine Center

NovoMed Integrative Medicine Center is a joint venture between Phage International Inc. and a group of successful Georgian doctors and businessmen. Phage Therapy Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phage International, has been treating patients with chronic and difficult infections for over ten years and is the most experienced of its kind in Georgia. The clinic has attracted hundreds of patients from Western Europe, the US, Canada and Australia who sought highly personalized and intensive, holistic treatment of infectious diseases that were considered untreatable within their own medical systems.

NovoMed leverages Phage Therapy Center's experience in attracting patients from abroad, excellent treatment delivery and outcome with our local physician's expertise in many areas of medicine, extending these benefits to our local Georgian population. NovoMed's clinic is also geared toward accepting and treating foreign patients, with our specialities including treatment of chronic wounds, osteomyelitis and other types of acute and chronic infections.

NovoMed provides medical services via its Integrative Medicine Centers; these clinics combine allopathic medicine with uniquely Georgian technologies to produce highly effective treatments for a broad range of medical conditions.