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Become a Patient - Foreign Patient Registration

Treatment for your condition will involve travel to a clinic in a region where phage therapy is an approved treatment option. The treatment process typically involves:

  • Registration - where you will provide contact information, and a summary description of what you know about your medical condition. As we acquire more knowledge and information about your condition, NOVOMED Integrative Medicine Center will create and maintain a custom treatment plan for your specific condition -- and this will be available for you to examine via our web site.

    Click here:    to begin the registration process.

  • Assessment - an evaluation that includes a bacteriological analysis and a review of your medical condition. To start this assessment phase, follow the instructions provided in the personalized treatment plan created by the NOVOMED Integrative Medicine Center web site.

  • Diagnosis of your condition. Based on our assessment, we will provide you with an informed opinion on the prospect of treating your condition with bacteriophages. At that point, we will also be able to provide you with the various treatment options that apply to your condition and an estimate of the costs associated with the treatment plans.

  • Preparation - based on the lab results, our microbiologist will select the correct bacteriophages for your treatment. If the lab results show that your infection is sensitive to commercially produced phages, then you are ready for treatment. If the infection is resistant to the commercially produced preparation, a personalized phage treatment preparation can be developed, per your specific medical needs, at our laboratory located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

  • Treatment - coming to one of our clinics for treatment.